Dear Patient,

Jaana Rehnstrom, MDAfter almost 30 years, I am retiring from medical practice on October 1, 2015. In September 2015 I am only booking existing patients. I have already been letting some of you know as you have come in for appointments, and am flattered by the shock and dismay many of you have expressed. Yes, I am already over 60 years old, and am doing this for family reasons as well as for the demand of my other projects. While I have always enjoyed what I do, and particularly the interactions with my many wonderful and interesting patients, I have come to the point where I want to spend more time with my family, as well as on something which will have a bigger impact on women’s health and well-being worldwide: the Kota Project. Please see if you are interested, and I would love to see you participate at an event, sign up as a volunteer, spread the word, and/or donate!




deborah_ottenheimer_2013-125x125My colleagues at 80 Maiden Lane: Dr Ottenheimer, and our Nurse Practitioners Ashley Burton and Jessica Weiss, can take care of most of your needs. You can book an appointment at or call 212 366 4765. They have access to your records without further action on your part, offer the same services, and accept the same insurance (and more, except Medicare). For a limited time, I will be available to them for unofficial consultation in case there are any issues with my old patients. Some of you may have my cell phone number, but I ask you not to call me with medical questions – thank you!

However, if you find that this office is too busy to accommodate you, please check your insurance lists for other doctors, or call our office for names of a few colleagues that we recommend. Please note, Dr. Ottenheimer does not accept Medicare patients.

Medicare patients:  You only need to see a gynecologist if you are on hormone replacement therapy; if you have a specific medical problem (eg. vaginal dryness, post menopausal bleeding, etc.) , or if you have a history of cervical precancer or other malignancies. Pap smears are not needed after age 65 unless you had issues in the past, and your internist/ primary care physician should be able to do a good breast exam, refer you for a mammogram, and handle any bone density issues as well as watch over your health overall.




In this day and age, everyone is required to maintain electronic medical records. However, systems do not talk to each other, so everything has to be printed out and then scanned in. This is time consuming and most often not necessary. Copying and mailing, faxing or emailing records will be billed to you at 75c/page. Before requesting your records, go see the next doctor without them, and ask if they are needed. In most cases if you have an essentially normal history, they will not be. If you have signed into PortalConnect, you can download the records from there at no extra charge.

Thank you for having trusted me with your women’s health care! I hope to see you around New York (or Finland), in the meantime stay well!

Dr Jaana



Kota Project

Dr. Rehnström is also the president of Finland Center Foundation and the Kota Project. Please support our efforts to establish A World Center for Women in New York City. MORE HERE.